By birth he is a member of the once prestigious Uchiha Clan, however due to complications of his past he has done little to claim them going by the name he is known for today. When his master died Raido promised to carry on the ways of this fighting style and its principles to the one who will become his student one day. At first he could only use two moves Lava Release: Fiery Rock Bullet and Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique which he could use masterfully enough to win fights in the playground using both jutsu.

Using Naruto to guide them, fans had hoped they would be able to make it into Area 51 to put the truth out there. It is unknown if Multiple paths can be used through the orbs as he could do among his own body. All rights reserved. Using his incredible surveying skills to learn the best way to approach people and situations and get just what you want. Raido's body is brimming with vitality, granting him the advanced regenerative powers that could surpass the natural Regenerative Powers. Raido inherited the Rinnegan via Project:Rebirth. Er trat während der Chunin-Auswahlprüfung in Erscheinung, bei welcher er versuchte, den Sandaime Hokagezu beschützen, wobei er allerdings verletzt wurde. As a wielder of the Rinnegan, Raido benefits greatly from its abilities granted to him by the eye alone, however it was deeper study of the eye that led to him being able to better understand the eye's powers and push his knowledge further and further. Due to the experiments of the Project: Rebirth program Raido as a child developed accelerated speed, and reflexes, enhanced agility, intensified endurance, advanced physical strength. He has also shown to posses knowledge about Uchiha's ultimate genjutsu — Kotoamatsukami. Not outsmarting him but adapting better to the situation around him. Despite of having not been properly informed about Orochimaru's existence she knew right away this was trouble and kept herself alert of any sudden violent movement. Raido has the ability to summon and control the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path at whim and has shown great ability to coordinate with the Statues attacks, even sync with its power and place some into his own body. During her early days in the academy, instead of channeling her full attention on the lessons she'd rather take a nice long nap, practically ignoring every single detail of the day's topic.

His facial expression has always been one of a calm and in control look regardless of the situation, though broken a few times when actually surprised about something he didn't see coming. For instance, a once-innocent troll event asking the public to raid Area 51 with some help from Naruto has gotten out of hand as of late... and the anime fandom is living for it. Locks of his hair cover the sides of his face all and are long enough to rest well over his shoulders. As he grew older in the problem his hair grew rapidly and he began sporting his shaggy pony tail and outfit remained the same as he grew taller and bigger. After becoming a chunin, he wore a black full sleeved shirt, a flak jacket, navy forehead protector, and black sandals.

Making it virtually impossible to fully measure how powerful Raido actually is. But one thing that could differ her from him is that instead of being the doer of the action, she'd rather be the mastermind of the whole plan. The details about her three-man squad is left unknown although it is revealed that her mentor as a genin is Hatake Kakashi. The suit;s main ability it's capability to absorb kinetic energy from Raido's movements and motion and convert it into chakra for offensive and defensive measures. Ren has chocolate brown hair with short side bangs parted to the right. So much so that he is virtually living chakra and does not age at all, a household secret hidden within his clan. Each of the summons possess the same unique Rinnegan as Raido and the tomoe as well. Combining principles of both styles to deceive and destroy is possible. Even significant wounds which are inflicted to the body last mere seconds before mended and corrected as if it never occured.

Kurz nachdem Asuma zu Boden geht, nachdem er durch einen Trick Hidans verletzt wurde, beschwört Aoba mehrere schwarze Krähen herauf, die das Sichtfeld der Beiden beschränken sollen. This caused him to always sleep with his sword or weapons near him to be ready at a seconds notice. Though she did not have much appearances in this, it has been later revealed that all this time, she knew that there was really no actual trouble and was just to lazy to explain the whole thing. His pants are lightly grey colored that have straps that wrap around just above his ankles. Daraufhin beschließen Raidou und Genma sich ihnen in den Weg zu stellen. Though despite learning how to use Chidori, Ren had a lot of trouble mastering it since her timing was always off and her speed was too slow, making it unsynchronized. During Season one after being subjected to the Project: Rebirth Program, Raido appeared much larger and more developed than the average size child, yet still rather slender due to the lack of rations given out to the experiments most days.