Indeed, at Robbo’s funeral, Jasmine’s grief turns to anger. “She had all the hope in the world that Robbo would pull through. Wendy supports him when it all becomes too much. The mourners hear about Robbo's achievements in life. But just when she thinks that maybe losing Robbo was all a bad dream, she wakes and realises that she had a nightmare, and Robbo really has gone. But she still doesn't know the full story over Scott's role in what happened. It's to 'their song', which Alf hasn't heard for years. So far his wife Jasmine thinks that Robbo died in a regular, run of the mill, car crash… little does she know the deadly gang who have been making her and Robbo’s lives a living misery for months were behind the tragedy. But today’s Home and Away sees Jasmine struggling to put things into order for Robbo’s funeral, not coping with the reality of having to bury the man she loves.

Ryan "Robbo" Shaw (also Beckett Reid and John Doe) is the son of Ian and Wendy Shaw.. But today’s Home and Away sees Jasmine struggling to put things into order for Robbo’s funeral, not coping with the reality of having to bury the man she loves. Is the writing on the wall for Chas Dingle and fiance Paddy? Robbo’s funeral was filmed back in August at a church in Northern Sydney. After saying what only he knew would be a final goodbye to the love of his life Jasmine ( Sam Frost ), Robbo ( Jake Ryan) passed away in hospital – and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. “She is a strong girl,” says Sam, “But I don’t know how she’s going to get through this. Robbo comes back from the dead in today’s Home and Away as Jasmine dreams of her late husband (Picture: Channel 5). Where was Robbo’s funeral filmed? And make no mistake about it, your heart will break for Jasmine. Her parents are finally tying the knot again. Mason's funeral will take place off-screen, as his family decide the location should be half-way between Summer Bay and their siblings' new home for logistical reasons. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. It's heartbreaking to know that Grace won't grow up with her father around.

Home and Away’s Emily Weir reveals Mackenzie Booth bombshell! WATCH: Heartbreak and devastation hit Summer Bay. Robbo’s devastating demise came after the horrific hospital siege at Northern Districts recently, that saw Summer Bay favourite Mason Morgan shot dead as he tried to save the lives of fellow hostages. Chas Dingle worries that she and Paddy are OVER. Just when we thought Robbo was going to recover from his injuries, there was a twist of the most devastating kind. Ian and Wendy are devastated by the loss of their son. Home and Away’s Luke Jacobz teases secrets of Angelo Rosetta return. All that she had in the bay was Robbo, and for him to be taken away from her — and so suddenly — is excruciatingly painful” As Jasmine joins the community at Robbo’s police funeral, alongside Robbo’s parents Ian and Wendy (Frankie J. Holden and Amanda Muggleton), she still can’t understand what went wrong, and feels that she isn’t being told the whole truth about his death.

“She kept thinking, ‘This is impossible! Tuesday, March 17: It's the day of Robbo's funeral, Tuesday, March 17: Colby is among those paying respects, Tuesday, March 17: Robbo's funeral draws a big crowd, Tuesday, March 17: Robbo's parents are back for the funeral, Tuesday, March 17: Irene is also in attendance, Tuesday, March 17: John Palmer is also among the mourners, Tuesday, March 17: Tori approaches the coffin with baby Grace, Tuesday, March 17: Jasmine tries to hold it all together, Tuesday, March 17: Colby also pays tribute to Robbo, Tuesday, March 17: Justin listens intently, Tuesday, March 17: Jasmine can't believe that Robbo lost his life in a simple car crash, Tuesday, March 17: Jasmine makes a scene at the funeral, Tuesday, March 17: The situation is emotional for everyone, Friday, March 20: It's the day of Alf's wedding, Friday, March 20: Roo is delighted over the occasion, Friday, March 20: Ryder is suited and booted for the big day, Friday, March 20: Martha walks down the aisle, Friday, March 20: Alf watches Martha walking down the aisle, Friday, March 20: Alf and Martha exchange the rings, Friday, March 20: Alf and Martha look forward to their new life together, Friday, March 20: Marilyn and Irene are both touched as they watch on, Friday, March 20: The guests throw confetti, Friday, March 20: Alf and Martha on their wedding day, Friday, March 20: Martha and Alf share their first dance together, Home and Away reveals crash drama in 54 pictures, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

As her grief overwhelms her, she shouts at the casket and calls Robbo a liar, as he'd promised that he'd keep her safe and wouldn't leave her. Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley meets his son! Jasmine was left devastated when Robbo died following a car crash (Picture: Channel 5).