Zoe says it's not that interesting and that it's not there. Zoe thanks Bethany for last night. Adam talks to them about the francise. Callie tries more Cocaine. The jeweller tells Joel to go somewhere else. Joel walks back into the jewellery shop and confronts the jeweller as to what he wanted. Sonia Kingsley, beautiful, rich and powerful, called Pacific Drive her home. Für "Pacific Drive" stehen noch keine Sendetermine in den nächsten Wochen fest.

Zoe says can't say I didn't tell you. Bethany says she won't come up to his place and says she has to get back home. Marina a phone rings and Brett answers it in his boat. Zoe tells Bethany that if she needs anyone to talk to, to let her know. Callie is working at Bethany's agency and then she dates a client. Martin and Georgina are talking, drinking coffee at a beach cafe. Amber fights with Bethany. (Cameron's first wife died. Georgina gives Amber a job, and when Amber Bethany says what about the guy who stood her up and tells Zoe that if they came through the door, I bet you (Zoe) would go straight up to them. Tim is running on the beach and sees some clients leave Brett's boat. Amber goes to save the two………. Joel is talking to Martin outside an apartment block and Joel accuses Martin of following him.

Martin comes into the bedroom where Laura is. Amber is waiting at Trey's and Joel arrives, Amber asks how much she sold the jewellery for. Rick asks whether Callie likes speed boats and puts the idea to her of making love whilst on a speedboat.

Luke helps out at Kingsleys. Zoe sees Tim and Sondra Kissing. Standbild aus der Fernsehserie Pacific Drive (5), Imago Images, Sender. to Georgina's alarm. This is Rick attempting to have one over Scott. The women (Sondra) that Tim and Zoe met on holidays appears on the coast.

Josh wakes up and his charged.

Still clothed Bethany tells Adam to stop and says she can't and that the relationship is not working. Tim says that it's his first time on the coast. Rick tells Bethany that he wants to show her that he loves her, she is not interested, he asks her to wait, she tells him that when she gets back that things will be different in the relationship for it to work. Zoe tells Amber that her aunt is her role model. Callie notices Trey and that he is bad mouthing about her and Luke to the journalist. Amber lets Mara stay at her and Trey's home. Amber is doing Zoe's hair, while they watch Trey and Georgina in another room talking. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bethany tells Zoe that it will all work itself out and Bethany hugs Zoe and she leaves Zoe's place. Georgina says that Amber should have gone to her first and Amber agrees that it won't happen again. Marcus is trying to get Trey to need Mara. Scott asks the guy to kill Brett and Georgina…… Callie moves out of. Brett goes wondering off around the casino whilst Tim begins to gamble.

Tim is further distressed when Brett invites him to be a gigalo.

Zoe says she doesn't know when it started, Callie says that she was there for her comforting her when the guy did hit her. Georgina tells Amber that if Body Beat want the designs then they will have to do a deal with Kingsley's. Callie arrives and tells Zoe that they need to talk now. raise enough to pay off Travis. Anna to steal information from Kingsleys. Trey admits that Mara was his first wife. Zoe tells Amber that there was a problem with the banking and asked whether Georgina mentioned anything to her and Amber says no.

Everyone else at the club looks on.

Anna tries to set up Joel. Zoe lashes out at Georgina, Georgina tells Zoe to put personal away from professional. The following text is edited by Jessica: At the.
Trey buys a gift for Bethany. Georgina hires a body Guard. Joel plays pool for the rest..all The guy is asking Tim various questions about Brett's business.

Zwischen beiden... Nach „Game of Thrones“ und „The Big Bang Theory“ geht ein weiterer... © TV SPIELFILM: Pacific Drive im TV - Serie - TV Spielfilm, Fotocredits: Geoff proposes to georgina. Luke and Callie are on beach patrol and Luke asks what she has against men all of a sudden. Tony and Martin are having dinner with Laura and Tony questions Martin and Laura's marriage. Tim gets a phone call from Kaye wanting to speak, Matin saves the day!!!
Brett and Martin team up to catch a croked cop. Zoe gets a note from Georgina and gives it to Trey to sign. StreamPicker: Welche Filme und Serien laufen bei welchem Anbieter?