One of the recent entrants on the “Weirdly Named Restaurants” list is Sweetie Cup Thai Café, which opened in April next door to The Tavern Kitchen & Bar in Valley Park. Glutionous rice flour balls in coconut milk. )...great dealchill food park, but not wheelchair accessible (hill, steps, gravel). Please swing by our new location on East 6th street, we would love to have you again!

This is one of the most popular Thai dessert. If you want to judge a Thai restaurant, you have to come up with a standard dish. However I wanted to still give recognition to this wonderful trailer. The Thai tea looked like Thai tea but did not taste like Thai tea. My pad thai with tofu was spicy -- I think I've been so devoid of spicy Asian foods here that I've lost some of my tolerance! Steamed broccoli, carrots, and cabbage smothered with peanut sauce. Bua loi uses the same coconut milk and sugar base, along with sweet glutinous rice balls. Served with your choice of Coca-Cola product, Atlantic salmon steak, avocado and eggplant in a green curry reduction sauce with fresh basil, Atlantic salmon steak in a choo-chi curry sauce served with steamed broccoli, cabbage and carrots, Crispy fish fillet drizzled with tamarind sauce and sprinkled with roasted shallots and Thai chili, Crispy fish fillet topped with pan-seared vegetables, ginger, cashews and onion in a lemongrass sauce, Crispy fish fillet with a spicy green apple Thai salsa,onion, cilantro with Thai chili,and cashews, Rip-eye beef,braised in a delectable massaman curry sauce with onions, and potatoes, Stewed chicken and ripe mango in red curry sauce served in a Thai golden hot pot, Crispy fried fish fillet topped with a spicy three-flavored sauce.bell peppers,onion, and pineapple, Tiger prawns sauteed in a homemade black pepper sauce with onion, bell peppers,and carrot, Roasted duck, pineapple chunks,cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers in our red curry, with basil leaves, Tiger prawns baked with glass noodles, ginger, pork, celery, garlic, black pepper, and sesame oil, mixed with various Thai spices, Tiger prawns topped with a aromatic creamy choo-chi sauce, served with steam broccoli and carrots, Crispy tiger prawns drizzled with a house sweet and sour tamarind sauce,sprinkled with roasted shallots. We ordered two basic Thai noodle dishes, they didn't taste like any Thai food I've ever eaten.

The canny diner scans a menu in a Thai restaurant looking for clues as to the regional influences. Pork rib served with ginger, red onions, fresh Thai chilis, and peanuts.

We are relieved that we have a great Thai place for lunches and to-go dinners. A custom cup with red and green rice noodles, coconut milk, shaved ice, and yellow jackfruit.

At Sweetie Cup, we noticed Laotian sausage. 950 South Abilene Street, Aurora, CO 80012 • More info, $ • Thai • Asian • Noodles • Family Meals, 950 South Abilene Street, Aurora, CO 80012. It seemed the kitchen was completely oblivious to their 6 customers at the time waiting for basic orders.

Wish I had read the reviews more closely about the food vs the 5 stars for how sweet the couple in the truck are. Bell peppers and green beans with garlic, chilis, and hot basil leaves. Extra bonus, the truck is located in a food truck park, where there's game and live music on the weekends. Steamed or fried chicken dumplings sprinkled with fried garlic and served with seasoned soy sauce. Great spot with authentic home cooked food. I bought a new car yesterday, and I had to move all my junk from my old car to my new car, and my stupid *ss still had two green envelopes that you…", "I didn't actually eat hear, but my main squeeze did. Even my mild had a kick to it. They were friendly but service was very slow, Didn't taste bad, but not great and not what I expected. Pink soup with fish balls, shrimp, bok choi, and green onions. Isan hot and sour soup with ribeye or beef tendon, herbs, lime, and chili. They were out of the chicken sauté and egg rolls. The basil and garlic add as much fragrance as taste. Served with your choice of Coca-Cola product, Special fried rice with egg, onions, tomatoes, carrots, Chinese broccoli, and cilantro leaves.

However I wanted to still give recognition to this wonderful trailer.Ordered a Chicken and shrimp fried rice. Fresh shredded green papaya salad, pork rolls, rice vermicelli, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and salted crab dressed with lime juice, garlic, and palm sugar. It was a large portion of food so I ate the leftovers, but my pad Thai craving was not satisfied. Was not good. BOX 191606