Despite having let go of his anger towards Naruto and his disdain for the Kage title, Boruto openly states that he has no intention to become Hokage. Even when a friend was revealed to be an enemy, he remained determined to help bring them back from their dark path. As he continued to repel Boruto's attacks, Shojoji gloated about how invincible his techniques made him. Who do think will voice Kagura in the English version of the Boruto anime?

As Boruto was about to prepare for his mission, he noticed the ultra rare trading card he desired was in his pocket. Sarada and Mitsuki track Boruto to a restaurant to give him an application for the next Chūnin Exams, which Konohamaru thinks they should enter.
Boruto's character has received mixed critical responses.

His relationship with his father has been criticized due to reviewers finding the concept overused in the Naruto manga. When they arrive back in Konoha, Sumire is taken into custody by Sai Yamanaka.

At some point, Boruto attempted to perform the Rasengan but failed, as he wasn't able to grasp how to start forming it, as well as lacking detailsb on chakra management. While identifying herself with Naruto Uzumaki's character, the actress noted the bond between her and Naruto became stronger when learning she would voice her son. As a sign of friendship, Boruto decided to give Kagura his playing cards. Masashi Kishimoto created Boruto in 2013 when the manga Naruto was at its climax. He followed Sasuke and asked to accept him as his student, but Sasuke refused to accept him until he learned to use the Rasengan. The Leaf Academy students meet with the Mizukage and tour the Hidden Mist's ninja academy, where Boruto is offered an opportunity to spar with Kagura. Eventually, after Boruto is exposed to the complications of his father's life, he finally understands and forgives his father's busy schedule, and stops trying to take the easy options in life. In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, his development was praised due to his action scenes and how he understood his father's actions. As they began mocking Kagura's relationship with the Konoha-nin, they attacked the visiting class.

Because Naruto had other responsibilities that he needed to focus on, his adviser, Shikamaru Nara, caught Boruto with his Shadow Imitation Technique so as to bring the game to an end. [45], Critical reception to Boruto's character has been generally mixed. In the making of the Boruto film, Yamashita said some scenes regarding to Boruto were removed due to time constraints such as one of the character's interactions with his father as well as another interaction between Boruto and Sarada. Having not had the opportunity to do this with his dad in quite some time, Boruto tried very hard to elude capture so as to prolong their time together. Cindy Robinson. Believing Boruto's approach to be incorrect — Sasuke explained that Naruto is better understood by the hardships he overcame in his life than how he appears as he is now.
He notes that his favourite dish is a yakisoba bun. Boruto Uzumaki (Japanese: うずまき ボルト, Hepburn: Uzumaki Boruto), originally spelled by Viz Media as "Bolt",[1] is a fictional character created by manga author Masashi Kishimoto who first appears in the finale of the manga series Naruto as the son of the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Uzumaki. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! While Boruto was furious at this deception, viewing Naruto as a hypocrite for using such advanced tools in combat after scolding him for doing the same, Sasuke calmed Boruto down, making him realise that this match was about refining new weapons more than an actual competition, that this was necessary as the danger to their world was still very imminent. Inside, Boruto began looking for Sumire, only to be attacked by Nue. While Boruto's performance forced Hanabi to fight more seriously, he was ultimately defeated soundly. With encouragement from Sasuke, Boruto attacks Momoshiki with his small Rasengan, which forces him to release the Kage. Accepting his poor methods of trying to make Sumire like him, the Ghost was rejected from Magire. [67] While comparing Boruto's traits to main characters often seen in other manga series, McNulty felt that Boruto's growth across the anime series helped to make him more likable. Boruto realizes the error of his ways and joins Sasuke and the Kage to save Naruto. She insisted that she should be thanking him, as she got a lot out of the experience and now decided that she wanted to be Hokage; Boruto, however, scoffed at the idea. Quickly, the heiress showed her might, easily overwhelming Boruto and countering all his assaults and tactics. Sasuke easily blocked the attack, waved off Boruto's apology, and asked for Naruto's whereabouts. However, the author forgot about it and instead gave him an unknown eye technique (it allows him to see chakra, an energy source within ninjas to perform jutsu) which is often shown on Boruto's right eye. Momoshiki moves in on Boruto, but Naruto returns in time to protect him. Much to Boruto's shock, the celebrity had become very fat. [23], First appearing in Naruto's finale, Boruto is a child who attends Konoha's ninja academy, inheriting his paternal father's "Believe it!" Later, at Tentō's request, Boruto demonstrated various ninjutsu. Deciding to get help from their classmates to better patrol the village, they left the post office, anticipating that the culprit controlling the Ghost would go after the post chief Komame.