All versions are unsafe on block but people sometimes struggle with punishing the Punch ender on block. The Jaguar Tooth, Adon's most versatile special move, allows him to leap off the edge of the screen to either strike his opponent, or surprise them by landing early and delivering an alternate attack. Fei Long | Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Nintendo Co., Ltd. comeback. (1080p). After Sagat's defeat at the hands of Ryu in the first Street Fighter Tournament, Sagat's pupil Adon became disenchanted with Sagat's power and broke away from his master, eventually becoming a hated enemy. But Adon rejects and prepares to engage M. Bison trash-talking to the drug lord. The Waikruu is a dance of respect towards the performer's teacher. Crimson Viper | A good tool to throw out every now and then but susceptible to counterattacks due to its long startup. Eventually, he encounters Bison, who commends his abilities and admits that he has underestimated him. Adon stands victorious over Sagat and vows to decimate anyone who crosses him. Later, Rose attempts to convince him not to continue on his current path, as it will lead ultimately to destruction and ruin. Zeku, Rival Schools Universe His eyes are fierce, and he almost always has a conniving, wild smile on his face, reflective of his personality. He has appeared in the first Street Fighter game, and notably the Street Fighter Alpha series. Dudley | He is depicted as especially ruthless in this manga's storyline, and is willing to kill his opponents even after achieving clear victory. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Super Street Fighter IV: Pachislot Edition.

The Jaguar Kick is a slashing somersault kick that can be used in midair, where it is a good anti-air. Adon appears in the Street Fighter cartoon as a non-speaking fighter in the episode "The Medium is the Message". Kyoko Minazuki | Adon (アドン?, based on Thai อฎล) is a character from the Street Fighter series of fighting games. Adon believed his master invincible, until Sagat's defeat at the hands of Ryu. appears in 17 games, Adon last edited by Months later, Adon learns that his would-be opponent for his title was killed by Akuma. This can either be seen as Adon's mocking Sagat. Street Fighter Alpha Warriors' Dreams-Adon Stage, Street Fighter Alpha 3 OST Proof of Divinity (Theme of Adon), Super Street Fighter IV OST Theme of Adon, Super Street Fighter IV (AE) - Adon's Rival Cutscene English Ver. but plastic a bit of yellowish any may have some wear from over the years. Cinematic fireballs like Catastrophe and Sonic Hurricane are easy to go over with this move. Maki Genryusai | street fighter, fist bump, ryu, you rule, ken masters # street fighter # fist bump # ryu # you rule # ken masters. A far reaching and better anti air for the far normals. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Adon is one cocky Muay Thai fighter... and a convincingly original / effective design in the Street Fighter series. 11:00AM NO RETURNS AFTER OPEN. Blair Dame | him to Sagat enrages Adon. Adon aims to differentiate himself from Sagat by using more acrobatic techniques and enter the first World Warriors tournament to prove that he is not just the "smaller" version of Sagat. Easy to tick throws off of this. Adon sees this Adon is not mad at Ryu for defeating Sagat, but at his teacher for being unable to uphold Muay Thai's honor (conveniently forgetting how Ryu had bested him during the World Warrior tournament). profile art, Adon's trunks have the word "miracle" written on its waistline. failing to uphold the honor of Muay Thai (and is being a hypocrite, since he was Adon battles against Eagle, eventually winning the fight against him and murdering him. Adon is shown to have a large ego and is quite cocky, as well as boastful to the point of true arrogance, desiring to be seen as the "god" of Muay Thai. Roy Bromwell | Rose | When Bison was about to complete the final blow and laughed and said that he was not afraid of death, Akuma suddenly appeared and made the Shun Goku Satsu, temporarily defeating him (but did not seem to kill him). But a good tool in combos. More pictures will be provided upon request. MK has better vertical range and combos off of more normals where LK does not. Or Adon simply performing a gesture of ancestral veneration in general. With meter, Projectiles mean nothing to Adon, he possesses an instant overhead at any time with EX Air Jaguar kick, multiple armor breaking moves with or without meter meaning focus attacks mean nothing to him. From then on, Adon has distanced himself from Sagat to walk his own path of self-glory. "a new Muay Thai legend". His first ultra attack, the Jaguar Revolver, begins with three Jaguar Kicks. Decapre | The range of his normal attacks was increased significantly between Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter Alpha 3. You cannot capitalize on that hit. This page has been accessed 41,129 times.