While they are more nods, tributes, and influences, it is still worth noting how much Star Wars is in the MCU.

Too dark to be a children’s film and yet too flippant to be a serious space opera, it fell between these two camps, making The Black Hole a strange viewing experience. The Man Who Saved The World literally ripped off and stole footage from the Star Wars films. Doohan left after the first series to rejoin the Star Trek cast to work on the movie and it was probably the best decision he made in his life. These Sci-fi and Fantasy ones really make it obvious.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, 5 Dark Souls Bosses We'd Gladly Fight Again (& 5 We'd Rather Avoid), 24 Sci-fi (And Fantasy) Movies And TV Shows That Completely Ripped Off Star Wars, inspired by the relationship between Luke and Vader, The Sims 4: 10 Skills You'll Want Your Sim To Have. A commercial flop on release in 1983 part fantasy adventure part science fiction film Krull has since become a cult favorite amongst sword and sorcery fans around the world. And while it’s been said that George himself ‘borrowed’ from a lot of other films to make the Original Trilogy (and from a lot of poor computer games for the latter ones), there were those who jumped on the sci-fi bandwagon at the time and tried, no matter what the quality, to give us more space opera fun. But those critics would be wrong, as Starcrash is appalling in every sense of the word. You can see that Spacehunter did more than, er, “take a few hints and tips” from Star Wars. The Last Starfighter really shows that, while its Star Wars influences are many, the concept of the space opera can be brought down to earth and have a very human (and fun) element to it. Universal hired lead Star Wars special effects artist John Dykstra to work on the show’s visuals. Even casual moviegoers became super fans of the fantasy and science fiction genres after seeing the first Star Wars movie. One of the best examples of work based on the original Star Wars trilogy has to be Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. However, aside from the title and the character names taken from the book they don’t share very much in common at all. While other films and shows on this list were heavily influenced by the Star Wars saga, the term ripped off doesn’t apply in such a brazen way quite as much as this Turkish science fiction monstrosity. Stay in the know with the latest movie news and cast interviews at Movies.com. In addition, Space Raiders recycled many of the same of special effects that featured in Battle Beyond the Stars over and over again. It’s the year that George Lucas first gave the world Star Wars. Add to this, too, the eclectic weird castings, with the likes of Roddy McDowell, Robert Forster, Anthony Perkins, Maximilian Schell, and Ernest Borgnine, all trying their best to hit the right balance. Kahn is a militaristic tale with more in common to Moby Dick and the Napoleonic naval seafaring adventures of Hornblower than Star Wars. I first saw Starchaser in 3D back in 1985 and for someone who grew up on the Star Wars trilogy I was hooked for life.

Jack Palance’s villain Voltan— who was related to the hero —wears a helmet that looks like it may have been an early concept for Darth Vader and even has a liking for dramatically choking the life out of all those who oppose him. Just saying. The Wrath of Khan was the franchise's answer to the success of Star Wars, but the result was one of the greatest science fiction films ever made. However, despite this, the film has gained cult status amongst its fans. Cult favorite The Last Starfighter was another attempt by Universal to capitalize on the ever-increasing popularity of George Lucas’ box office smash. Released in 3D, the film has our cast of misfits venturing through the notorious Forbidden Zone, a sci-fi nightmare ruled over by the evil cyborg Overdog (an over the top Michael Ironside). How Creepy Is This Image of Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson's Jokers Together? Some examples are the Spider-Man vs. Antman scene in Civil War, there was a direct reference to the Battle of Hoth where the snow speeder tripped the AT-AT.

Well, for the first outing … Between the original 1979 series and the rebooted masterpiece, Battlestar Galactica is one of greatest and most iconic science fiction franchises of all time.

One of the first films I saw at the cinema, Battle Beyond The Stars begs, steals and borrows from Star Wars, The Magnificent Seven, and, by extension, The Seven Samurai, mixing it all together with the low-budget filmmaking talent that only Roger Corman can provide. Although it is a simple tale, it was one that we have never seen before on such a grand scale, with some many memorable and iconic moments.