(It’s not wildly off, but it’s not in any way a faithful history; it also takes place in the 1930s while the events it fictionalizes happened in the 1910s.). I also noticed, in the film when Gittes comes to on the porch of the ranch house, after the "Oakies" beat him up, one can see a very circa 1974 refrigerator through the window behind him. Koreatown’s old filming standby The Prince plays the long-gone Brown Derby, where Jake and Evelyn meet for drinks and conspiracy talk. This map pinpoints out all of its real-life locations, with help from this old Los Angeles Times article, The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations, and Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles. Thanks for being on top of things Chas and thank you too, forever and always, for your wonderful site. The real complex is called Mi Casa and was designed by husband-and-wife team Arthur and Nina Zwebell. P.S.-The day they were filming this scene I was on the school bus, and we went right by the location.

Check the photo at this page to confirm: http://activerain.trulia.com/blogsview/4530953/palos-verdes-horse-property--favorite-photos-of-the-week, This is a great site; thanks to all who make it possible. A curtain would have avoided the gaffe. The movie was released 46 years ago, on June 20, 1974. This orchard in Moorpark is the setting for a truly excellent car/horse chase. It’s only bad news at the Oak Pass reservoir, played by the Stone Canyon Reservoir: Hollis is found dead in the water here and later a heavy (played by Polanski) catches Jake snooping and slices his nose. LOL, will I ever get anything right? Pls post the link :-). | The Cross Estate has been mentioned (here and elsewhere) as having been filmed at the Wrigley Ranch on Catalina, but the building/architecture is nowhere near the same. Nowadays the drive is often used as a setting for wedding photos of couples married at the Biltmore. Facing the driveway entrance, notice that the ridge line of the hills south of Read Road to one's right is an identical match with the screen shot you posted of Gittes in his car (above).Thanks again mjc1959 for your sterling info :-). Jake and Evelyn visit this rest home, formerly the Eastern Star Home and now the Archer School For Girls, to meet some of the old folks who seem to be buying up huge tracts of land in the Valley.

And I need tis information for the article. | I was watching tonight and never really realize I used to live next door to Ida Sessions, you can see the window of my living room on the first floor of the house set back in the left of the frame. Who'd ever have thought such a nondescript location could be so precisely identified!I checked on Google Maps. Proceedings are interrupted by an angry Valley sheep farmer and his flock. The story of seedy PI Jake Gittes, played by Jack Nicholson, and his discovery of a plot to parch, then purchase, then annex, then irrigate the San Fernando Valley, is such a good myth that by now it’s just about replaced the real story of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the birth of modern LA. Jake’s associate photographs Hollis and Noah Cross arguing outside the Pig ’n Whistle, actually the Pacific Dining Car Downtown. This orchard was on the actor Walter Brennan's ranch, and personal residence. I, Chas Demster, own the copyright to all original photographs shown on Itsfilmedthere.com unless otherwise credited and noted in which those contributors own the rights to their photographs. Grand is Grand Avenue though but corrected the other street name to make that one correct.Thanks. |