Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg | There are nine main sites:[43], Addenbrooke's Hospital is where the medicine students go to learn how to cure patients. The Fitzwilliam Museum contains, among other things, important collections of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman antiquities; medieval and modern manuscripts; and paintings of European masters. They are head of the Senate and Regent House which make decisions for the whole University. Robinson | Platz,[8][9] während sie 2011 im Times Ranking auf dem 6.
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Von Bewerbern für das Erststudium werden sehr gute bis beste Noten erwartet. Dr Jean Adams suggests that food polic... We have been working on an experimental new homepage for the University of Cambridge. They started the Puritan movement. In Cambridge wird in der Regel der Begriff „die Universität“ verwendet, wenn man sich nicht auf die Colleges bezieht. Universität Genf | We would therefore encourage all students to proceed as normal with their applications. Seitdem hat sich die Einstellung verändert; der Bewerbungsprozess beruht nun auf anderen Prinzipien.

Toope. King’s College Chapel, begun in 1446, is one of Britain’s most magnificent buildings. Research. The University also means more jobs and money for the population. In music, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Charles Villiers Stanford, William Sterndale Bennett, Orlando Gibbons and more recently John Rutter all started their education at Cambridge. They include James Clerk Maxwell, Lord Kelvin and Lord Rayleigh. [38], The university had £4.3 billion in endowments in 2011. Das offizielle Gründungsdatum des ersten Colleges, Peterhouse, war 1284. Sie sind für die Universität vor allem bei der Unterbringung von Studenten, in Belangen des Gemeinwohls, bei gesellschaftlichen Veranstaltungen und bei der Lehre für Studenten ohne Abschluss von Bedeutung. Die Aufnahme in Cambridge war bis in die 1960er Jahre abhängig von Sprachkenntnissen in Latein und Griechisch – Sprachen, die hauptsächlich an Privatschulen unterrichtet wurden, was den Zugang weitgehend auf Mitglieder der sozialen Oberschicht beschränkte. [44], Local people from Cambridge don't always like the students. Registered Office: Cambridge Students' Union, SU Building, 17 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX Registered Charity Number: 1189287 | Cookie policy This website was written by current and recently graduated students. Many other sports are played between colleges and universities. When the honours examination came into being in the 18th century, it was primarily mathematical. [54] Usually about 25% of the applicants get a place. Some members of the band Radiohead were also here. The University of Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and is regarded as one of the world's top five universities.

Gemeinsam mit der Universität Oxford, der London School of Economics, dem Imperial College London und dem University College London bildet die Universität Cambridge die sogenannte Gruppe der G-5-Universitäten.[7]. [57] If a student goes to a private school, he/she is also more likely to get a place after the interview. [35], The Senate House is a building in Cambridge. mit Michaelhouse zu Trinity College vereint wurde. Cambridge has more than 18,000 students and many sport clubs and societies. Sie ernennen weiterhin ihre eigenen Fellows (Dozenten und Lehrende).

The University of Cambridge (also called Cambridge University) is in Cambridge, England. The University is a confederation of Schools, Faculties, Departments and Colleges.