I currently have about 10-20 about basketball sized or bigger and no idea how many from baby to grapefruit sized. There may also be brown bugs (if adult) or whitish (if young) that land on the lower leaves of the pumpkin plant. If you don’t mind toting it inside and watch the weather for frost warnings, you can simply bring the pumpkins indoors on evenings when you know the temperature will dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Have you ever had a puppy? This can easily be avoided by placing a paper plate under each pumpkin in your home if you do choose to display them on your floor. Not sure about the "pickle worm moth" :0/ hope he doesn't come here.

Space hills 4 to 8 feet apart. Mark the location of sown seeds or seedlings with sticks so you can apply the water exactly where it is needed, even after the vines have filled in the space.

Dig a hole, 40”-48” deep, 3’-5’ in diameter, and mix the soil well with 6-8 bags (9-12 cubic feet) of soil amendments and/or other high organic content materials: well-aged steer or horse manure, compost, humus. 1) The best pumpkins come from the best prepared soil.

I have very poor soil (I believe it is old riverbed big rock and sand) I brought in huge trailer loads of barn yard (pasture) dirt to build raised beds and pumpkin/squash patch. How to Know When Icebox Watermelons Are Ripe, University of Illinois Extension: Pumpkins and More, University of California at Davis: Home Vegetable Garden, University of Minnesota Extension: Trellises and Cages to Support Garden Vegetables. Then, keep an eye on the cardboard daily. Heavy to move too. Why Is It Bad Luck To Have A Cactus In The House? Additional Reasons Why a Pumpkin Plant Flowers but Sets No Fruit. 783', Frost free since 8,000 BC. Give seedlings a fertilizer that stresses phosphorus, such as 15-30-15. I see people often do this, what advantage does it have? It simply served its purpose to feed the pumpkin when it was on the vine – it no longer needs it after it’s born. If you like the look of a pumpkin with a stem, then don’t pick one up by the stem. Plant pumpkins in early summer near the edge of your garden. Provide your name and email address to receive promotions, news and garden advice.Your address will be kept confidential! I have a patch about 15ft. There are different diseases that pumpkins can get, which can cause their stems to become very brittle, breaking upon the slightest touch. Shift to a more balanced formula, such …

Well. I have a gourd patch, pumpkin patch, and zucchini patch. you should put something under it to ensure a more uniform color as well. How to get rid of pests on plants naturally, How to Know when Potatoes Are ready to Harvest. Then, keep an eye on the cardboard daily. And that’s the word from my neck of the woods. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. This is as much as you’ll need to know about picking the right pumpkin. Well, pumpkins were a living thing before they came to your doorstep, so, unfortunately, they do have a shelf-life.