Everyone is trying to cultivate their best selves, and if you need to photoshop a waistline or throw on a filter to execute that, who cares? Both Elizabeth and Billy were born into upper middle-class white privilege that simultaneously set them up for and demanded success. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The podcast The Dropout, which follows the rise and fall of the brilliant, potentially sociopathic, Silicon Valley startup mogul Elizabeth Holmes and her now-defunct company, Theranos. But Elizabeth Holmes is just another example of white privilege gone unchecked. Con artist entertainment is certainly having a moment. I like serious investigative journalism that's released as podcasts. Instagram is essentially ad content on an individual level; so many people are selling something, whether it’s an image or a tangible item, and trying to get ahead by marketing themselves in a certain way. Required fields are marked *. BI: Wondering where you Integration Services Connector for Power Query has gone in Visual Studio 2019? All rights reserved, ‘The Dropout’ Podcast Review: How Elizabeth Holmes Used Privilege to Scam Her Way to the Top, Billy McFarland’s fraudulent Fyre Festival, 'Green Book' — AKA the Movie Made to Alleviate White Guilt — Definitely Didn't Deserve That Oscar, The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Gay Character Backlash is Nauseating, Demi Lovato Gives Inspiring Speech on COVID: Nothing Can Tear Us Down, Why Releasing Prisoners Due to COVID is More Complicated Than You Think, The 7 Best Mystery Mini-Series on Netflix You Haven't Watched Yet.

At one point, she was the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire.

The podcast is thorough and compelling. However, in many cases, it seems to give Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt, alluding that her troubles were a result of the “fake it ‘til you make it” mentality gone too far. Netflix’s ‘Fyre’ Review: When Money, Privilege, And Ego Go Unchecked.

Rebecca Jarvis is the chief business, technology and economics consultant for ABC News and, along with her producers and researchers, takes you on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tale of what happened and how it all came unstuck. Elizabeth had claimed that her company, Theranos, had developed a needle-free blood testing technology that could provide a wealth of medical information with just a single finger-prick and drop of blood. I enjoyed Serial with their story about Adnan Syed, and in a similar vein there's now The Drop Out from ABC Radio.