If the challenge exceeds your capabilities, you are disqualified from the competition. Annually, Spartan Race attracts more than 1 million participants over their 200 events, which are held in more than 30 countries. Practice the technique and try to improve your time on your next training.

Moreover, I would install my training equipment (battle rope, kettlebell, sandbag, tire) in my backyard, do a half mile run around the block, do a 15 minutes workout and run again. 40 obstacles demandent une vraie endurance. This routine is almost automatic, and I know exactly what I need to bring for the race. Title. Forget the Gortex hiking boots, because this waterproof material is good to keep the water inside the shoes once it has been under water. Tonight I'm getting ready for my first obstacle race of the year. Let me guide through the whole process, and by the end of this article, you'll know precisely what to put on your race day checklist. On the map, you'll find the obstacles list from the previous year. Want to know more about me? For example, to train for the Monkey Bars without the actual Monkey Bars, you can perform pull-ups, knee to elbows or dead-hang. En cas d'échec, des pénalités ou des disqualifications sont mises en place pour garantir une course équitable à tous les participants désirant participer à cette compétition. We love to run in the mud and challenge your self with the obstacle. I take my Camelback in every obstacle race over 10k. For example, if it's going to be cold, wear a base layer and not just a tank-top. Even if the race organization have water station spread across the course, you don't want to rely on them solely. Cette partie plate aurait pu être facile. Guess they have skip hill day. The Spartan Beast is a challenging race with numerous obstacles sprinkled along the 13 miles (21 km) long course. Spartan. For example, you'll have the Ape Hanger, the Beater, The Monkey Bars, the Spear Throw, the Twister and more. Too many time I saw ultra-fit people sitting on the side of the hill with their face inside their palm, defeat by the course.

Finally, I like to bring something more fun to eat, something that will taste good and shift my focus from the course. With a half marathon and 30 obstacles between you and the finish line, the Spartan Beast will test everything you’re made of: your strength, your endurance, your resolve. Finally, I would strongly suggest you get and follow a training plan. Des courses extrêmes à celles pour tous, vous ne le trouverez jamais dans les premiers mais toujours à l'arrivée.

I have picked these running shoes because I'd used them in different obstacle races and mud runs. nice. Spartan Race is the global leader in obstacle course races, with the right challenge for anyone - from first-time racers to elite athletes. For the vegetarian Spartans, I suggest a large salad, sprinkled with nuts. For more information on clothing, I suggest you read my complete guide on what to wear to a Spartan Race. informations de qualité, nous avons besoin de votre soutien ! Delivered as ordered. I have tried different types of hydration backpack, and the essential characteristic is the fabric. Your training should include 4 or 5 sessions per week. En plus, de la distance, proche d’un semi-marathon, 43 obstacles très variés nous attendaient. C’est ce que nous étions venu cherchés. Tournée vers la performance et le dépassement de soi, Spartan propose ses propres championnats d'Europe et du Monde. T . Great item! The meal you eat in the evening before the event should include as much carbohydrate as possible. Therefore, whenever I have the chance to take an off-season swim in the cold river or do my workout at noon when the sun hot as hell, I'll do it to work on my endurance. A good rule of thumb is to eat 200 calories per hour while running. À l’arrivée, grande sera la victoire contre vous-même.

À noter également : aucune attente au retrait des dossards. Your goal is to have a good night of sleep and wake up hungry. Rien de nouveau sur ma tenue par rapport à la dernière course mais voici quelques compléments : Un haut toujours aussi convaincant malgré sa trop grande longueur. For the same purpose, some runners will practice doing pull-ups with cold and wet hands.