Facebook and we have explained why below. If you’re shooting a series of images that you hope you use as cover photos on Facebook you will definitely want to keep this in mind. This will help freshen up the content you post on your social channels and give it some life.
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Seven tips for great social media photography. Social Media Photography Tips & MORE. Related Post: Must-Know SEO Tips (for Photographers). The trick to great lighting isn’t so much where you shoot; you’re not always going to have a bright sunny day or the warm glow of a fire.

We mentioned above that your own photography should be your primary source of content for social media – that does not mean it should be your ONLY content, however. Many photographers create social media posts with the best of intentions. Imagine that you’ve drawn lines to divide your image into three rows horizontally AND vertically. Daniel Lemin is Strategy & Analytics Lead at Convince & Convert. Social media should be viewed as a constant form of marketing for your photography business – you must aim to maintain your social media profiles indefinitely. Check out your competitors’ social media photography and make a list of what you like and dislike about their visual brand.
As you can see there is much more to social media than first meets the eye.

The trick is in how much light you capture in the image and that, in part, can be achieved through white balance and ISO settings.

If you use your branding consistently then you will build a reputation, and your customers and viewers will begin to identify with your brand as a result. Try shooting from below or above your subject. I thought it would be helpful to retrieve five tips from under my photography “hat” that should help anyone curating or shooting still images for their social and digital channels. Steady yourself Because phone cameras don’t shoot well in low light, you need to make sure you can hold it steady. Resolution Images taken on a modern smartphone or any digital camera should be high enough resolution to post to social media, but beware if you are using an image that was sent via email or SMS, as it may have been compressed.

We work to double your digital and we've done that for some of the best companies in the world. If you have taken any photography class or even picked up a Photography for Dummies book in the last 20 years you’ll be familiar with the rule of thirds. 8 Social Media Tips for Photographers Tip 1: Not Every Social Media Platform is Suitable for a Photographer. Twitter, on the other hand, provides you with a rectangular image thumbnail that is roughly the same aspect ratio of a standard DSLR shot. May 24, 2017 - Explore RemARKably Created by Janet Wa's board "Social Media Photography", followed by 8089 people on Pinterest.