Sizes are 1/4" x 3/8" Rectangular, 1/2" L section, 5/8" L section, 3/4" x 7/8" L section and American V section all in various sizes. Made in Taiwan Customers who bought this item also bought.

$26.99. • High end ingredients, using O-zone resistant materials

If you are not sure what type to order, please call to discuss and we will help you select the proper profile/type of cushion for your rails.

We stock a selection of cushion rubbers and table parts for snooker and pool tables. This is caused mostly from pool tables being set up in a garage, porch or lots of sunlight beaming through the windows without cover. For help & advice on any of our products or to place an order please get in touch. FREE EXPERT ADVICECall Ken at (410) 256-8388for expert advice & assistance. This is your guarantee that I have used the best rubber you can buy. If you are not sure what type to order, please call and we will help you select the proper profile/type of cushion for your rails. The PLAY QUALITY is based on a combination of proper cushion and cushion height.

Carom and Snooker Rubber Bumpers Replacement Pool Table Rail Cushions for up to 10 foot size tables. Peradon American pool table cushion rubber.

Northern Rubber cushions use only the best hand-tapped Malaysian rubber, from a natural and refined formula specifically designed for its rebound ability. This controlled method ensures the shape and density of the rubber, maintaining a perfect rebound every time with no air pockets.

We have a selection of Snooker - Pool and Bar Billiards tables cushion rubbers extruded and moulded sections, we supply Northern Rubber and imported Rubber. Sold...View Product, Peradon American Pool table Rubber

To guarantee authenticity Northern Rubber products now carry unique identifying markers that cannot be copied.

Brunswick’s professional grade pool table rubber cushion rails. The Pool Table Doctor offers cushion (bumper) replacement and repair Overtime cushion rubber becomes as hard and or dry rotted. • Maturation periods after each process, based on years of expert knowledge and experience, ensuring the perfect bounce for the velocity and weight of the balls. With an extensive history, dating back to the original vulcanisation/curing process, Northern Rubber by Hainsworth cushions have provided an outstanding quality which players and professionals alike, have chosen for over a hundred and fifty years.

", Your source for quality billiard supplies, Olhausen Accufast K66 Rail Cushion Rubber, The Green Book of Pool, Caroms & Snooker Tables: A Complete Maintenance Manual. • New Technology which ensures the mix of the ingredients is perfect before entering any stage of manufacture, eliminating View Product, Neoprene Cushion Rubber Adhesive 1/2 Ltr tin View Product, 1" Disposable Brush For the application of the Neoprene Rubber Adhesvie View Product, Cushion Rubber Adhesive Tape 50 metre rolls of Cushion Tape. These quality rubber rail bumpers are made using only the finest natural pure gum rubber. Brunswick cushions have been the standard in the industry for over 70 years and are used on all Brunswick branded tables. View Product, © 2020 Connect Internet Solutions Limited | All images © Peradon, > $26.99. The Yellow Button – Because Northern Rubber is vulcanised the yellow button sits within the product and cannot wear or peel off. K-66 profile American pool table rubber, suitable for mo.. £58.00 Ex Tax: £58.00. ... (as fitted to full size snooker tables on TV) Northern Rubber.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Pool Snooker Billiards Table CUSHION RUBBER - 6 Pce - Suits 7' x 3'6" $90.00. For 10 foot tables - 6 piece set - L77 is the rail cushion for snooker tables. • Separate machine vulcanisation massively reduces the risk of swelling, controlling the shape of the rubber after extrusion Add to Cart. the risk of ‘dead spots’ along the length of the rubber

© Copyright Hainsworth TopTable 2020. Billiard Table Cushion Rubber. Out of stock. Add to Cart. Cushion Rubber Adhesive Tape. Club Rubber (S4828) Peradon Club Cushion Rubber - Full Size Snooker Table Rubber A lower cost cushion rubber … Pool Snooker Billiards Table CUSHION RUBBER Small Profile - 6 Pce - Suits 8' x 4' $100.00.