The 3-month package is valid for 120 days to accommodate any cancelation or postponed classes. Price: Ask Now. – Remainder on the 10th session. Depending on the child’s discipline and ability to listen to instructions.

Price: Ask Now.

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LATEST NEWS. I can come to any location around Sharjah and limited areas of Dubai and Ajman. I wear the hijab. What is the minimum age you train? Training on Martial Arts - Muay Thai.

© Copyright 2002 - 2020. The training will be conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Yes, I offer discounted rates for 3-month packages.

Build Strong Shoulders and Rock Your Core With Infinity fitness!

Karate is the mean for fitness, health, self-defense, and many more. Yes, I can conduct sessions at client’s homes, outdoor Ladies only park or a private studio in a gym for bigger groups. The sessions are conducted by renowned expersts of the nation.

To foster the zeal to get better training of our participants, we maintain a nice environment having fun and healthy surroundings. = 4800dhs 4560dhs + 2 free sessions. Up to 3 of you, there will be no increment in the fees, you may split the payment between yourselves to make it more affordable. We also provide kickboxing training in Ajman. Kickboxing Classes. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with a heavy emphasis on kicks. More Information I accept. Can I train with my friend or sister? Whether you have an allocated spacious studio to train in or your small room, we can make it work. The rules allow the use of both striking as well as grappling techniques, both while standing and while on the ground. Course offered by: Brilliant Minds Centre. which burns calories fast so it’s ideal for weight loss. It combines cardio and strength training, toning muscles while burning fat all at the same time. in oneself through the training remains our foremost concern always.

Nurturing growth, integrity, discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. KICK BOXING Main Studio "Improve your coordination, balance, and posture with this martial arts class that combines kicks, punches and boxing.

Enter your email below to get exclusive offers. What do you train? No strings attached. Can I get a discount? Even elite athletes, celebrities and top models rave about its effectiveness and have added regular kickboxing sessions to their own workouts. Welcoming all the people of any age group or any sex, we offer training for martial arts and other renowned karate systems. Kickboxing in the UAE can help with cardio fitness and weight loss. Each session runs for an hour. What are the days and timings available? Build Strong Shoulders and Rock Your Core With Infinity fitness!

You can contact me here. How are payments made? I will be there to motivate you and push you to discover your potential and become the fittest version of you physically and mentally. There should be strictly no men around during training and there should be no cameras. If you need a PT in your area with boxing or kickboxing experience the UAE Personal Trainers website is the place to find one.

I’ve kept my fee at a reasonable rate compared to the market rate for Personal Trainers in UAE which ranges between 250dhs – 400dhs a session.

Can you come to my house? Boxing helps with stamina, strength and co-ordination. TOP FIT. I recommend booking a trial session first so that you have an idea of how I train and make a more informed decision if you would like to continue with me. I can come to any location around Sharjah and limited areas of Dubai and Ajman.

I will inform parents upon assessment through a trial class.