They don't have to be an *exact* match. It's clear you haven't actually used Picasa because you don't have a clue about the basics of how it.
Otherwise, you can do more editing on your phone/tablet than you can on your desktop, and that is one gigantic bit of what-the-f round two. Or do I have to invent (and remember) my own taxonomy of tags, and apply them to each photo in turn? However, there are other tools that also provide simple options for cropping and aligning images, correcting the contrast and brightness, removing red-eye, and performing simple retouching. Tag someone a few times, and it becomes extremely easy to find pictures of specific friends and relatives. How about if Google open-sourced the Picasa desktop program? Professional DSLR users will be especially pleased with the capacity for high-resolution photos. Thanks to the convenient dual-view option, you can see the before and after versions. Photobucket was designed as a social platform and offers many ways to share photos directly with selected friends and/or with other social networks. All my photos are sorted by /yyyy-mm-dd-1st day at kindy/yyyy-mm-dd-IMGxxx.jpg So all my photos are sorted easily.

I've mostly never bothered going beyond just stuffing things in folders, sometimes by date sometimes by subject. 10 Best Picasa Alternative for Windows - Google stop his Picasa tool service, if you are looking Picasa alternative tools that also offers same service like images editing, cropping, resizing, text editing, color adjustment, here I cover top 10 programs like Picasa for you, Let's check and use anyone best-fit program The idea that mobile should be *better* than desktop is an attitude I will simply never ever understand. The author of Gallery's GreyDragon theme recommends it, moved over his stuff, and recreated his theme, though I actually now use modus instead. Send your pictures via e-mail or post them via Facebook or Flickr. I do, too. The iCloud Photo Library was developed for these devices and is therefore easy to set up. The photo service comes from the photo features in Google+, where a free, unlimited storage quota is available, but the uploaded files are compressed. The statistics option enables you to easily access all the information for your images. For this reason, there are numerous Photoshop alternatives, many of which are considerably... For creatives and those who are aspiring designers, many programs from Adobe make up a key part of their standard equipment.

Flickr has become the go-to provider for online photo storage management. This article reminds me of my experience with the Rust programming language. Shit, they're already broken up into "viewers", "organizers" and "web albums". Using a desktop computer, you can also manage your photos directly in the browser on or with the Windows iCloud app. + It has an editor that's good for colour correction cropping and similar functions (I use GIMP for more complex changes).

They destroy whatever organization you managed to have in the first place. Much more sensible but I suppose google won't bother just like with IGoogle. The service offers unlimited photo storage and up to 5 GB of video or other files. Well then you need to put them all on there. Took me a weekend afternoon to move everything over. Darktable supports lossless edits, so you can store your untouched original files, and all derivations are stored by their edit history in sidecar files. + It has a print manager to help arrange images on sheets of photo paper, add titles and such. For example, the program automatically creates categories based on your images’ metadata. The photo management software is available for Mac and iOS. I doubt if a "cross-reference list" would have much value. However, there are other metadata formats, such as XMP and IPTC so it’s an advantage if the software supports this as well. Photobucket That's a pretty good site for finding interesting alternatives or replacements.