The Time Keeper shall start the turn by blowing a long whistle followed by a short whistle, after getting the direction from the Referee. The kho-kho playing field—which can be placed on any suitable indoor or outdoor surface—is a rectangle 29 metres (32 yards) long and 16 metres (17 yards) wide with a vertical wooden post at either end of the field. The end of the trun shall be declared by him also by blowing a long whistle. The officials for a match shall be appointed by the competent Authority and shall function under the guidance of the Referee. The coach should inform him for desired substitution, mentioning the T-Shirt number of player/s being substituted OUT & IN. In case of any difference of decision between them, he shall give his final decision. The penalty at his discretion shall range according to the default from warning a defaulting player or the entire team to the extent of prohibiting participation in further play of the match. He shall synchronize his Stop watch with the Stop watch of the Time Keeper and shall check the time after each turn.
After the start of a match, if any of the official/s is unable to officiate for any reason, the remaining officials shall manage the officiating till the end of the turn. He shall recored the process of substitution. Copyright © 2020 | Rajasthan Kho Kho Association | All Rights Reserved.
If there is any unfair means in the Ground, they will warn the concerned players verbally and show Yellow Card and shall bring it to the Referee's notice for further action, if necessary. A new official will replace him. The following officials shall be appointed for the management of a match namely - (Two) UMPIRES, (One) REFEREE, (One) TIME KEEPER AND (Two) SCORERS. Kho Kho Rules and how to play kho kho: 1 Endline: The lines AB and CD running parallel to each other and equal in length to the length of the Kho Kho field are known as ENDLINES. It shall be recorded by the Scorer-1 by marking "Y" against the T-Shirt number in the warning column. For any reason, if they enter the Field, then they should come back to the Lobby immediately without obstructing the progress of the match. Umpire shall declare a Foul and Compel Attacker to act up to rules, if Attacker does not follow the rules. He shall get the Score Sheet duly signed by all the officials. PART 1?National Club Games ?Book Kho Kho?Rules. Kho Kho is a popular tag game invented in Maharashtra, India.It is played by teams of 12 nominated players out of fifteen, of which nine enter the field who sit on their knees (chasing team), and 3 extra (defending team) who try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team. However, the test becomes a global event with people associated with the game taking part from within and outside the country. Kho-kho, traditional Indian sport, a form of tag, that is one of the oldest forms of outdoor sport, dating back to prehistoric India.. He penalizes the offenders, keeps a … But who? He shall alone keep the time during the additional inning of Minimum chase. J&K must have a Hindu Chief Minister! He is also the sole authority to announce points, fouls, faults and to send any defender out of the court. What is the Role of a Referee in a Kho Kho Match? At the end of the match, he shall perpare the Final Scores of the two sides and the result of the match. KHO KHO GROUND,? They shall give decisions by helping each other. Corruption gets wings in J&K, corrupt fear none! He shall record the performance of the players of both the teams. He shall help the Umpires to perform their duties. The Referee shall instruct the Time Keeper to start the turn after checking the readiness of both teams and officials. He shall inform the Referee and Score-1 about the substitution being done. Việt Nam đã dành top 1 thách đấu thế giới Boom Mobile như thế nào ?