Ground other foot quickly.

e{�XE� It is certain to advance your game to a higher level. This lesson focuses on the rule of footwork in Netball. Place non-shooting hand on the side of the ball and the shooting hand at the back of the ball. But, you should release the ball before re-grounding the pivoting foot. Learn to shoot these 4 netball shooting drills to help improve your scoring accuracy in the circle. Run towards the ball and jump by extending the legs and ankles.

TEACHING POINTS COMMON ERRORS • Feet shoulder-width apart • Shoulders back and down • Knees slightly fl exed • Knees over toes • …


They are the one-foot landing and the two footed landing drills. 1 | Footwork and Movement Skills INITIAL STANCE Forms the starting point for most attacking and defending skills.

They must occur when a player catches the ball and lands on both feet 'simultaneously'. They are the one-foot landing and the two footed landing drills. Start out with small steps and quickly move to bigger steps. *3�j�Ӫ�%���o�n�vhv��c�'=��S�І�K:=�(� AV�΃�C�y���E�'��w���%j�d[1�0J������\�%�[۱d�:��U���)�N�Ş����?�q�qj.��{�o�-��~t������!v�Q�H �xV���Xi����#�AӴ��bGF�fgU�S���&�nGv FOOTWORK KEY TEACHING POINTS . (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Stepping drills for netball help you judge the distance of netball marking. Lead to right, land on right foot. This lesson focuses on the rule of footwork in Netball. The pivoting leg is either the one a player keeps planted to the ground while rotating looking for a pass or the … In the air catch the ball with thumbs an inch or two apart making a ‘W’ shape.

Elbow should be at a 90° angle.

Bring the ball into your body to protect it.

All players want to have fast footwork in netball. %��������� CONTACT |

SITEMAP. Lead to left, land on left foot. Landing on one foot and making a step with the other is within the rules of netball. Use these basic netball drills before stepping into a real game situation. TRENDING: The New 2014 PE National Curriculum: Assessment Without... Assessment without Levels in Physical Education.

pivoting must always be on the landing foot ; bend knees slightly ; turn on ball of the pivot foot, pushing off with the other ; non-grounded foot is lifted and regrounded to maintain balance throughout movement ; keep ball close to body Jumping. All players want to have fast footwork in netball. bhNO����T��� ���~rz���o�+J#�T�B- ��@�;!��C����c�Ê��E�O�`L9�h��%+�Yʫ'���G��q���5�٦��?��m��u���1�r�>�� -�����!��E�t). NETBALL DRILLS: Try practicing the training drills as part of a regular session plan.

Home; Coaching & Skills; Individual Sports; Team Sports; Fitness & Health; Teaching PE; Lesson Plans; Select Page. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on the ball.

Coaching Tip: Your trainer or sports coach will most likely include netball passing drills and some instruction on ball shooting skills. ")��BG���$[D*�C�d�O���b��4Kb�x�I�Df�*�=�H>ݮ� ��b�y(�p�(���@�I/�a���l�+(�F���y0S�x����5�ŸI��Cn�Ã��V+�xg��^�M�Z���z ��XR������ ��z4By"��si.Zb.�@�v����^*�r.�;yo�؝˥"�P��О3���覛/�U�4�U�+�E�U}���_�i�Y�ޱW�ͺ�=dG��~�����_�Eб,[�h��9�������a6�:x�/� They include two common teaching points. Take Off .

The pivoting action is a swivel movement that allows the player to move on a fixed axis to either pass or shoot. %PDF-1.3 Pivot by rotating yourself on the ball of your landing foot. c�X�� Netball Footwork Drills. Goal Shooters (GS) shoot for goal using the best netball shooting technique and tips. This should be part of all netball training drills. Players cannot slide or drag the landing foot. Bring your hands out in front of your body at chest height with fingers spread open and pointing up.

They teach the basic defensive obstruction skills of 'three feet marking'.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'theukrules_co_uk-leader-1','ezslot_4',117,'0','0'])); Trainers should teach novice players how close to stand while marking an opponent. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Paired players practice by lifting their arms up in the air after retreating three feet. Xc��"�-�a0������NX�87�����_c�n��2�a��n�_z"�F��ZA��%�%*���ҥ�d���L���L�Y�L|F�����(�����b����&t����A�Ֆ�U�1ϲ��F.\QJ`#1m�i�;�����LY��1��yč�0�%^5��Ђq��c���'�[3�2h1o2J�#���+��� �vb�3���bW7=�Fiz�{6Yuӳ��M�&�I=�L&��drO2�9���{��W����������b��Y�Ŏ��{TÓ�b����\w߼Ró�Bt���+�!��� l�A�������5���V�rSR?5Q�u~�}$Q���,���W�]��@|�"����^�j�Z�+ X��|Y�w���$�V��p��ux�>�掏�݊M�HK���>^���f����;��� Stand on balls of feet with toes pointing toward target, and knees slightly bent.

Your coach should clear the drills for two-footed landings.