"[35] Soon enough Maggie receives news that the hospital have found a new stem-cell donor.

Firstly her battle to overcome Posttraumatic stress disorder following a robbery, was focused on in her introductory months. Morassi told a New Idea reporter that "having Diana there to support her as well makes the whole thing very special. [36] Morassi admitted that she would miss the show, saying "I expected it to be wonderful and exciting, but I didn't expect to fall so deeply in love with the people I worked with. Maggie arrives in Summer Bay and takes a job as the School Principal of Summer Bay High. [6][26] Ben warns Maggie that keeping secrets from Coco could also trigger her bulimia and that Ziggy would want to support her mother. Home and Away spoilers: The truth about Owen is REVEALED! Then followed a long-running storyline exploring the effects of living with lymphoma cancer. She commented, "it was definitely a shock to the system. Tori tells Maggie that Ziggy may be a better option. When John and Marilyn do eventually catch up, Marilyn makes it clear that she doesn't share his hopes of repairing their marriage. Emmerdale spoilers! [19] Another incident occurs when Maggie gets a flat tyre and Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid) helps her change it.

I hope viewers can relate to, and find solace in, the Astonis' journey. Ben plans on a romantic holiday, but this gives her time to reflect on her life. She is characterised as a protective mother and career woman. They leave the Bay after attending a surprise goodbye lunch hosted by their friends. I'm mostly used to working on film, where you have a lot more time for rehearsals. [17], Ziggy soon confesses that she was involved in the incident that left Maggie with PTSD. [17] Maggie was attacked and left with a serious concussion.

With time to think and breathe, she starts to think about the bigger picture, and what might lie ahead for her family. Maggie is adamant that this isn't a good idea, but Marco threatens her during a moment alone. She was happy that the writers had included so much "realism and respect" in scripts.
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There are three big names making their departure from Home and Away in the coming weeks as characters Ben and Maggie Astoni leave Summer Bay, … The Home and Away … Both nominations came in last place with 1.1% and 1.3% of their total votes respectively. "[36] Morassi liked that the scriptwriters gave her character the chance to return in the future. When they are alone together, Marco drops a threat that if Maggie doesn’t convince Ben to invest money, then he’ll have no choice but to reveal what happened between them all those years ago…. "[11], Another story which helped convey Maggie and Ben's strong relationship was a surprise vow renewal organised by Ben. Digital Spy now has a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. Morassi added that Maggie still suffers from PTSD related migraines and knowing that her original attacker was not apprehended "unnerves her". [31] Morassi told an Inside Soap columnist that "Maggie is reflective, and feeling very sentimental. When Jasmine sees a pregnant woman at the gym, it suddenly dawns on her that she’s late for her period.