Marie Antoinette and the King didn’t consummate their marriage for a full seven years after the actual proxy wedding (the king was not present at the wedding). (may he live, but not long). They included the daughter of a maid who died and the three orphaned daughters of an usher. She was eventually given one day to prepare a defense for herself, after being informed she would be tried.

Another popular myth is that the phrase “Let them eat cake” was attributed to Marie Antoinette because she was overheard by an Englishman saying: Le theme est quete (The theme is quest), which sounds phonetically a bit like “let them eat cake”, but is generally gibberish. No. If you read up on her history, you’ll find most of this loathing was primarily because she was an easy and very visible target to vent their rage against the French aristocracy on. It took an official visit and a man-to-man pep talk from Marie Antoinette’s older brother, the Emperor Joseph of Austria, to deblock the situation. By all accounts they adored their children, and having children brought them closer together. As you can imagine, the situation was ripe for rumors and gossip. Considering when Rousseau’s book was released, the most likely possibility is an earlier Queen, Marie-Thérèse, the wife of Sun King Louis XIV, who lived 100 years earlier. This line “Let them eat cake” was attributed to Marie Antoinette, the queen of King Louis XVI of France.

Marie Antoinette was Austrian and before her marriage to Louis XVI, Austria and France had been bitter enemies (in truth, things didn’t improve too much after their union, though at least open war was avoided until the King was eventually deposed in the revolution).

She was, thus, convicted on October the 16th and sentenced to death. Marie-Antoinette arrived at Versailles from her native Austria in 1770, two or three years after Rousseau had written the above passage. Please see our, French Revolutionary Calendar: When France tried to change time. Maria Antoinette was daughter of imperatrice Maria Therese, who makes elementar school-duty for all children in her imperium, put the complex law codexes, etc. Marie Antoinette, the heartless foreign Austrian, who is purported to have said “Let them eat cake” when the French people complained about not having enough bread to eat. Go behind closed doors for fun anecdotes as well as the unvarnished truth on those intriguing French habits , Sign up for free monthly newsletter to keep up with fun! On September 21, 1792 the monarchy of France was officially declared finished, and a National Convention began its rule. If you’re interested in reading more about this, I highly recommend this book, which is a very interesting read, assuming you like biographies and are at all interested in French history: Marie Antoinette: The Journey, Found a typo, you used the word tail instead of Tale meaning story.