Fined 75% of match fee and received 3 demerit points. After the match when the umpires were shaking hands with the teams and support staff, Mr Knox said '15 minutes too long, 15 minutes too long, it had a massive impact on the game'. Crowley showed dissent and uttered an expletive to the umpire when an appeal off his bowling was turned down.
In cricket, a substitute may be brought on for an injured fielder. Displayed dissent against the umpires decision when being given out by gesturing with her hands and looking at the edge of her bat.

The hand or glove holding the bat is considered part of the bat. Fined 25% of match fee and received 1 demerit point.

[11] Underarm pitching is believed to have begun in the early 1760s when the Hambledon Club was rising to prominence. Cricket rules defines that all runs scored by these methods are given to the batting team but not the batsman. He may also forfeit his innings before it has started.

On being dismissed, Andile raised both of his arms above his shoulders in dissent at the umpire's decision.
The governing body of the massively popular sport took to Twitter to inform cricket fans about the new rules and regulations that will now be a part of cricket book. Unnecessary and inappropriate physical contact with opposing players after the conclusion of the match, being conduct which brings the game into disrepute.

THE LAWS OF CRICKET THE PREAMBLE – THE SPIRIT OF CRICKET Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws but also within the Spirit of the Game.

The deficit changed a few times in the 19th century until, in 1900, the follow on became optional after a deficit of 150 runs, which remains the position for first-class matches other than Tests, in which the deficit is 200. Stumped – A batsman can be given out ‘stumped’ when the wicketkeeper puts down his wicket while he is out of his crease and not attempting a run (if he is attempting a run it would be a run out).

Shannon made personal abusive comments to England captain Joe Root. [41], Law 10: Covering the pitch. The bowling crease, which is the line the stumps are in the middle of, is drawn at each end of the pitch so that the three stumps at that end of the pitch fall on it (and consequently it is perpendicular to the imaginary line joining the centres of both middle stumps). When batting, Imrul pointed to his thigh pad to indicate where the ball had hit him during a caught behind appeal against him. Timed Out – After the wicket of a batsman, the incoming batsman must be ready to face a ball or be at the non-strikers end with his partner within three minutes. When batting, Tamim showed his bat to the umpire indicating that he had hit the ball during an appeal for LBW against him.

Rashid Khan gave the outgoing batsman a sendoff which could have provoked an aggressive reaction upon his dismissal. After dissmissing a Bermuda batsman, there was excessive celebration by the bowler which provoked an aggressive reaction by the batsman. It is also replaced at the start of each innings, and may, at the request of the fielding side, be replaced with a new ball, after a minimum number of overs have been bowled as prescribed by the regulations under which the match is taking place (currently 80 in Test matches). If the ball hits the batsman without first hitting the bat, but would have hit the wicket if the batsman was not there, and the ball does not pitch on the leg side of the wicket, the batsman will be out.