Alexx also hosts groups from alcohol treatment programs, showing them the consequences (i.e., dead bodies) of drunk driving. King of all scoops, TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, says the TV vet had some "issues" with the show, but of course, no one's talking. This is evident in season 4 of the show when she continues to care for and worry about Ryan Wolfe after he is injured by a nail gun.

She is married with two children and is always upbeat and has a good bedside manner with her patients, despite being a coroner. RE: Why did Khandi Alexander (Dr Alexx Wood) leave CSI-Miami? Evidence leaks in Taylor case may show police violations, Seahawk celebrates too soon, loses TD at goal line, Quaid denies he was paid to be in pro-Trump COVID ad, Critics go ballistic over 'Notorious A.C.B' T-shirts, Bisexuality: It's not what you think it means, Studios: Americans not ready to return to movie theaters, Woman arrested after driving car into Calif. protest, Gruden struggles to properly wear mask after $100K fine, Why John Oliver asked his viewers to stop watching, Fewer Americans sought relief on bills in August, NYPD officers charge at protesters and diners. She is also seen addressing her own children in a very natural maternal way when talking about "bad people" to them after a case involving a child (episode 106, "Broken"). When Khandi left the show, rumors were that she was butting heads with David Caruso. In s01e04 of Utopia, why does the guy have the authority to pick a kid out of a classroom? Oh Lord. I hope not. What's the scoop? "We figure we've killed thousands of people," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says with a laugh. This time 'round, the show in question is CSI: Miami and the departing thesp is Khandi Alexander. In episode 316, "Nothing To Lose," Alexx is held hostage by serial killer, Kendrick, and forced to dress his gunshot wound. For the third time this week, I'm bringing you exclusive news about yet another cast shake-up at a hit procedural. Sad to see Alexander go? Woods is seen in Episode 714, "Smoke Gets in Your CSI's", running out of a hospital's emergency room to the ambulance where an unconscious CSI Calleigh Duquesne is on a stretcher.
Harrison (Columbus S. Where in the world is Olivia Pope lounging on the beach? ? I am bummed she's leaving. Does she have another show? CSI: Miami Cast NotesAs you may or may not know, Khandi Alexander (Dr. Alexx Woods) left the show. i believe that he is retiring and staying in miami. I'm not 100 percent certain, but, from what I gather, it wasn't one of those mutual deals we've been hearing about so much lately. "We figure we've killed thousands of people," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says with a laugh. Cappuccio cited irreconcilable differences when he filed papers on Jan. 3.