Although glass tree frogs are one of the rarer frog species sold on this list, Backwater Reptiles does have them for sale. When selecting your pet, check it out first. Oct 2, 2018 - Explore Pet Lovers’ Gifts and Merchand's board "Pet Frogs", followed by 472 people on Pinterest.

They’ll also need a source of clean water, simple fluorescent lighting, an ultraviolet light, and an under-tank heater to keep the temperature in the low 80s.

They have rich, black bodies and eyes with yellow, orange, green, and red accents. Painted mantellas are certainly attractive pet frogs.

Sundberg suggests misting the enclosure once daily to help boost humidity, and feeding them a few crickets, mealworms, or superworms every other day to keep them healthy.

What is the Proper Temperature and Humidity for your Reptile? How Long Can a Ball Python Go Without Eating and Other FAQs, The Best Calcium Powder For Reptiles (Results revealed), Reptile and Amphibian Awareness Day at the Sacramento Zoo. Low level UV lighting is recommended for these nocturnal frogs. If you’re looking for a fun amphibian friend that doesn’t require a ton of care, a frog may be the right pet for you. Because it’s a tree frog, this species will also tend to appear longer in general because its limbs and toes are very pronounced in order to support its arboreal life style. Specimens of this species from Australia are also called “blue” White’s tree frogs due to their bluish color. This is a picture of Dessert Rain Frogs. Probably getting one today. This article was verified and edited for accuracy by Dr. Laurie Hess, DVM, Dipl ABVP. Males of this species reach snout-to-vent lengths of up to 10-inches and weigh between 2 and 3 pounds. In the wild, they are arboreal, riparian (living in streams), and nocturnal, which means that wild-caught frogs are tough to obtain and captive breeding efforts are not that successful. Daily. Their backs have distinct ridges running lengthwise. Due to its arboreal nature, your pet clown tree frog will require a home that is taller, rather than flatter. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. Adult snout-to-vent size can reach 4-6 inches. How To Trim Your Tortoise’s Beak and Nails, Dubia Roaches (Blaptica dubia) As Feeder Insects, How to Care for Your Red Eared Slider Turtle. “Tree frogs, as a rule, are not for handling,” said Sundberg, “but White’s tree frogs are one of the exceptions — they’ll tolerate handling for short periods. Frogs can make lovely pets, but frogs in the wild are facing population declines and extinction largely as a result of human activities. They really are quite striking little amphibians. You’ll be hard pressed to find a tree frog hardier than a White’s, said Sundberg. “In fact, lifespans of 5-7 years are not uncommon, and 8-10 years is possible.”. This species only requires a small enclosure, like a 10-gallon aquarium, with 3-inch deep substrate such as peat moss or coconut fiber. While Pixies can be kept together in the same terrarium if they’re given plenty of food and space, they can be cannibalistic when hungry, so it’s best to keep them separate. Their small size means they only need a home that is around five gallons, at least if you’re only keeping a single frog.
Natural environments, like vivariums, can reduce the frequency of cleaning requirements, too.”. All of the small pet frogs on our list are somewhat delicate due to their small size. If you do decide to keep a glass frog, keep in mind that they are delicate and shy.

“As babies, they’re about the size of a quarter, but they can grow quickly to the size of a softball.” If size is a factor in your decision, females are considerably larger than males, Sundberg said. Because of their voracious appetites, beware of overfeeding, Sundberg advises. There are many species of glass tree frogs available through breeders, but they all have one thing in common – their translucent skin and visible organs. Their iridescent green color and definitive white stripes along their sides make them beautiful to look at and a great choice for a vivarium pet. Discover the unique items that THATisMYpet creates. :x ”. Green tree frogs don’t love to be handled, but they make excellent display pets and are much more active than many of their tree frog cousins. Both genders are olive green on top, with throats that can be white, tan, and yellow. A bright-eyed, actively eating, the plump youngster is a healthy choice for first-time frog pet owners.

At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. While Pacman frogs may sometimes be kept together, it’s not recommended because they can be cannibalistic, he added. Captive Bred or Wild Caught? Most are dark brown or red in base color with lighter white, yellow, or beige markings or splotches. The Best Captive Bred Snakes That Stay Small, Adding a Second Reptile to Your Tank: Dos and Don’ts, Dog DNA Tests: The 6 Most Common Results for Mixed Breed Dogs, 10 Scary Diseases Your Pet May Be Exposing You To, These 6 Halloween Candies Top the List of Dangerous Foods for Dogs, 6 Tips for Treating Your Dog’s Dry Winter Skin, 5 Cat Food Storage Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make, Top 10 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Peeing Outside the Litter Box, 5 Ways to Help Your Cat Stay Disease Free.