Your bucket mixture will hold a rich, thick, head of foam during your entire wash process, never going flat before you have a chance to finish. Adam's New Car Wash Shampoo New Concentrated Formula produces more suds Gentle on all surfaces and pH neutral Our slickest formula ever, reduces the chances of swirls    Thick, luxurious suds, and a pH neutral... Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo is a... Adam's Wash & Wax  Adam’s Wash & Wax is a... Adam's Strip Wash Adam’s Strip Wash is a concentrated soap blend... Adam's Detail Spray Enhance Gloss, Depth, & Shine  Extends Protection... Adam's NEW Tire & Rubber Cleaner Our Tire & Rubber... Adam's NEW Eco Wheel Cleaner A wheel cleaner that smells... Adam's Wheel Cleaner Better performance, better scent!The ultimate way to... Adam's Rubber Mat & Liner Cleaner Formulated to remove stubborn... Adam's Iron Remover Remove stubborn contamination, iron deposits, and metallic... NEW! Why would you not use the pressure washer everytime? I found that it's ideal for us in the north when it's too cold to do a full wash,  I can just foam it up, let it sit, and rinse the salt and crap off my car. Both snow foams and shampoos are critical parts of the detailing process. Obviously the OP thinks so, but is this truly worth 2.25Xs the one notated in the OP? The use of a snowfoam/prewash cleans the majority of the vehicle, whereas the use of shampoos enables enhanced cleaning of more stubborn dirt and grime. This setting throws the maximum amount of suds but I can run through 3 oz mixture of shampoo & water in about 2 minutes. I'm 900% happy with mine.

Looking similar to the other products on our list is this foam cannon from Fasmov. Lot's of fun, great suds and quality build should last for years. Paste as plain text instead, × Foam cannons are ok and the detergent dwelling does help somewhat, but not enough for my taste. Produces Thick Foam 33.81 Ounce Bottle Capacity Use 2-5 Ounces Of Your Prefered Shampoo Requires Pressure Washer With Quick Connect … Foam cannons are ok and the detergent dwelling does help somewhat, but not enough for my taste. ...But how can anything be safer than using 2 rinse buckets with grit guards and using your foam gun as your 'wash bucket'? FREE DELIVERY OVER £40, USE CODE ADZ FOR 10% OFF! Happy Detailing !!! The combination of these reduces the risk of swirls and marring. If you want to add to your detail aresenal I would suggest you pick one up! My opinions of course, but I do try everything before I form them--most of the time. I have tried multiple water/soap ratios and fiddled with the gun dial and I'm yet to find a single time where this gun creates more foam than you can do with just a bucket and a garden hose.

I have seriously contemplated this. Bottom line I have not been satisified, hasn't helped/saved me any time washing my car, and "foam" is average. I have a Griots/Hydrofoamer and it doesnt even have brass connections, will look into getting one of these, as I rarely break out the pressure washer to utilize a foam cannon.
I am sure I will end up getting the Adam's version. Its a "step above" other foam guns for sure and worth the higher price.