For easy money go to Japan events on the left on the menu. For some reaso the car will slightly lock its wheels and continue reversing, as if you were using both forward and reverse throttle at the same time!

After that here's what you do. Drive until you need to pit for fuel or tires, then put the game into B-Spec mode to gain A-spec and B-Spec points. For race cars, there will only be turbo kits 3, 4, and weight reduction 3. The first two will cost you just under 3 million; the other two will be halfway between 1 million and 2 million credits, so you may have to sell some cars to get all four of them. Two of the cars are in the Used Car Showroom I and the other two are in Showroom II, and they only appear for one week (Gran Turismo time). Use the japanese version to get the DualNote(All silver in A licence). When you have played through the indicated number of days the corresponding track will become available in Arcade mode. make sure you have at least stage 3 turbo, with a racing intercooler, and lighten the vehicle ap to stage 3 (stage 3 it gets a bit flighty and skittish to drive. Then, select the course where the cones are everywhere. The main thing is the 800 hp and super soft racing tires though. Then do Sunday Cup and have fun.

Just set it to pace 5, overtake, and view speed x3. I've been told there is no other chance to get them, but obviously there is. It should be Easy Costa di Amalfi. If you want to win GT4 but don't want to part with those well earned credits. It happened to be Dec.25 on the game when I saw them. I will try in other events with GT Tour Cars and see.. American Championship - Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (C1) '54. You can also ask your question on our Gran Turismo 4 Questions & Answers page. This also gives you a break to stretch and eat a bit. Grand Valley 300km - Mercedes-Benz C9 Race Car (Sauber) '89. your car will acelerate super duper fast the speedometer glitches up by counting down & up repeatly.

Repeat this process until you have enough money to satisfy your needs. Ignore this for now and go get your IA lisence.
Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Gran Turismo 4 cheat codes. (Which are pre-tuned. If heads, the Pokémon wakes up. Then go it to japan championship this event is easy with the right car to save yourself some time get a car and tune it up i used the (2004 Amuse CarbonrR r34)use b-spec racing (you can race the events nomaly if you want) let the car run on the steady speed (number 3)and put overtake on by hitting traingle and turn the race speed to 3x by holding L1 And hit the left button two times. You start with 10,000 bucks.

Just keep buying the cars you need and beating all the races. The information ticker sometimes have the best tips in the game.
First you need to acquire either a Audi A4 touring car or and ABT Audi TT-R Touring car fully tuned-up. At this point it will have about 800 hp and it can have even more.