Be precise with your hits! For the most part you might find that playing with numbers or some sort of coding on the court is often used with more experienced players. Since you don’t have to play with a racquet, you use your bare hands instead. by Megan Hamilton | Nov 1, 2019 | Blog, Outdoors | 0 comments. Grab some chalk and make a big square that’s approximately 12 feet by 12 feet. It involves elements of handball or tennis — although no racquets are necessary. Serve-Server must serve from the back corner of their square-Serve must be 2 hands and underhand-Serve must be diagonal to the #2 square-You get one serve, and you CAN get out on a serve-Lines are OUT. The player receiving the serve is only allowed one error per round. At the elementary level the art teacher made me a beautiful totem pole where I have the behavior levels posted. * Yourself (By working hard and safely every day to improve your fitness level), * Others (Always encourage, never put down), * Equipment (By using it for intended purposes). I am a middle school and an elementary teacher. The box labeled A or 1 contains a smaller service box (1.5’ x 1.5’) located in the far outside corner of the square.
On stop signal: equipment down, eyes on teacher.
You will have to be careful with this variation because nit-picky players will fight you tooth and nail on every round whether or not it was headed towards a player’s feet. Also, it is ideal game to play if you are playing when you are playing with adults because the level of difficulty will make the game that much more challenging for them.

How the rules are used: During the first month of school, rules are frequently reviewed. These are very broad but they, for the most part, Suggested Grade Level: 6-8. Once this is completed, the server may serve. Actively listen when a teacher is talking. There are different variations of the game as well that you can include with the general rules. Have students suggest 6 fitness exercises. If any of these rules are broken during a P. E. class period, the Actually the parents receive a list of the rules and expectations at the beginning of the year.

In my 23 years of teaching elementary PE, I have found that pretty much everything can be handled within these two rules. Students would then list the same number of exercises that the die has. Again, if you play with competitive players often, then you’re likely going to have to whip this variation out time and time again. Because the variation takes a little bit more coordination, you’ll likely find success if you play this with older kids. Fourth face on pole/3rd step is self-directed learners, 5. We start out the year with the word RESPECT. Stop any activity when you hear the signal. Review Four Square rules.

Write them on the dry erase board or have students write them on the paper at their court. Just keep in mind that if you are going to play with a variation, just be sure to go over this with all the players before you play so that there are no arguments once the game starts! I send this assessment home to parents. Make sure there’s one person in each square. Excellent PE Rules and Consequences from One Teacher (PDF). And for all those rules there are plenty of ways to make the Four Square game really fun and imaginative. Excellent PE Rules and Consequences from One Teacher, Class Rules (Word Document form so you can change name of school). If unsettled get the teacher involved. I use the same rules for both schools. You must wait for it to bounce in your square before striking it. This variation can be used on any game, but it is the perfect one to add to your game if you are playing with competitive players. The player whose square it lands in has to respond in kind; that player has only one bounce to hit it into another player’s square o… Four square is a ball game played among four players on a square court divided into quadrants. And it’s the perfect game for restless kids who have endless energy to burn. Always praise the students' good work as you help their conduct grade. them at the beginning of the year, and during periodical "refresher