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For vehicles with turbocharged petrol engines the cylinder capacity multiplying coefficient is 1.7. <> For amateurs the Budapest-Bamako has been considered the world's largest amateur rally raid spanning two continents and 9,000 km. [5], Navigation is primarily accomplished using a paper roadbook in conjunction with a digital odometer to measure distance.

<> In the 1980s, a strong rivalry between DAF and Mercedes-Benz led to vehicles which had twin engines and more than 1000 hp (750 kW). Rally raid, also known as cross-country rallying, is a form of long distance off-road racing that takes place over several days. ���ufEF��)ΌZ�*9��-�DQ2���WO���sݖ)\�,�s�j#��rĢ��[~)F,�P��/cٗ�4R&�NU"Tr�PJ���f��Ō�9;9OS-{C#���r�f���9���^���?�g��kM��.Nz���ަ�z4��i��'6��ח��3��k�h�iq������}����wv������E�M��W�Œaڻ��9����1���C��hЧcU�tSQu+#�n�Ƣ�3;�y�h ��K�� n��GR����/��[����!���J��̉��c�Kl�Sh�_��2dH<7]�村��=-�M���ݶ␜��Z,H��6�џ��(dgo�I��V*DI� ����� C~�RleN�0_��b�dTd�̓L���z�B��v k�t�P5��]NZC��!�,���)A��o���\��*=4�"5�֡�A~[cd�hsmAFhO|���s�Qi��EB�q� �z$��]�y�S99=�ԓwX͗��E�引�9ʑ���l�8Y�/Q���kD�zbm�^u��^xԡ�@�W�d�`#7��8�J;Pi�xV�'9��OO�'�q�{�:��W(�鮮S��.Gp���*N]/�Q��q�h^/�~��FSzp�r0�s�6��L��CR'm�+�I��U� =+"�y8����?

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9 0 obj endobj endobj Some events likes the ASO-sanctioned Dakar Rally separate the quads and SxSs into their own classes while the FIA and FIM-sanctioned events keep them as sub-classes. 2018 Cross Country Rally General Prescriptions (along with appendices) (here and after the FIA General Prescriptions); 2018 FIA Central European Zone Cross Country Championship Regulations (along with appendices) (here and after the FIA-CEZ Regulations); 2018 Polish Cross Country Championship Regulations (along with appendixes) (here and after the RMPST Regulations); 2018 Czech Republic Cross … endobj <> In case of differences in the interpretation of these regulations, the English text will be binding. <> <> Popular motorcycles include those made by KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Husqvarna because many of their bikes have finished in top positions. <> Later, Tatra and Kamaz took the race up. �D�:� �#k}b��y��P_��F�%I�E�QJ���pWBk�S'�aOM��YH�4��^�/�T�H�T��F���TQ&�Dd=��O�KXg�=1��r�6�AF`w&=e;���Cnv9����$�]|I[�GzX^�⤮��@�e��e0:��D? 1 0 obj 285 of App.

[4], While the sport is most known for the Dakar Rally, a number of international and national series are also run.

17 0 obj The Open class accepts weight-qualifying vehicles, such as SCORE International trucks, while the T3 category refers to Side by Side (UTV) vehicles made by Polaris, Kawasaki Yamaha, and Can-Am. Originally, European utility vehicles like the Renault 4, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz G, Volkswagen Iltis and the Pinzgauer, as well the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser, dominated the sport.

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