That is, the beautiful Caucasian face is often assumed to bear a unique and close resemblance to the “Mask”. The landmarks assessed as well as the outline of the average African-American woman are shown in Fig 1b. Population variation in the breadth and projection of the upper nasal bones. A European facial, however, takes longer and is a lot more involved.If you book a European facial, you can expect to enjoy a wide range of different treatments that will probably include: 1.

Moisturizing massage A European facial is not a treatment …

It is in this view that we generally greet and converse with each other.

(function(d, t) {var g = d.createElement(t);var s = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; = "yelp-biz-badge-script-rrc-UU24zLriw5UHimMDhOPGUw";g.src = "//";s.parentNode.insertBefore(g, s);}(document, 'script')); Visit Lana’s Beauty Zone – a Premier Los Altos Skin Care and Day Spa, for highly effective skin and body care where you will receive the personal attention and professional care you deserve. Pseudo-feminization and pseudo-masculinization in the face ›, Table 2. For this reason, in order to be recognized as uniquely human, we have evolved to resemble the “Mask” (the visual code of humanness) most closely, and vary from it the least, in the frontal view.

Farkas, L. G., Katic, M. J., Forrest, C. R., Alt, K. W., Bagic, I., Baltadjiev, G., Cunha, E., Cvicelova, M., Davies, S., Erasmus, I., Gillett-Netting, R., Hajnis, K., Kemkes-Grottenthaler, A., Khomyakova, I., Kumi, A., Kgamphe, J. S., Kayo-daigo, N., Le, T., Malinowski, A., Negasheva, M., Manolis, S., Ogeturk, M., Parvizrad, R., Rosing, F., Sahu, P., Sforza, C., Sivkov, S., Sultanova, N., Tomazo-Ravnik, T., Toth, G., Uzun, A., and Yahia, E., International anthropometric study of facial morphology in various ethnic groups/races. Some people experience allergic reactions to the products used during the facial treatment process. Fig 3e. Application of a face mask 5.

The model shown is Ashlynn from ATK galleria (adult site); click image for larger version. There are nine geographic races, each with particular genetic similarities.

GEOGRAPHIC RACES (ETHNIC GROUPS) OF THE HUMAN SPECIES AND THE MASK: In both women and men “ethnic” variations from the mask occur.

(3), Table 1.

PC1 mainly reflected the extent of projection of the nasal bones and the breadth of the upper nasal region, and most strongly contrasted Europeans from East Asians. Fig 2a. Let us arbitrarily designate a simotic index (simotic subtense/simotic chord) in the range 55-62 as both very European and also aesthetically acceptable in a European context, and compute the proportion of people in each population that will have a simotic index in this range. The beautiful Caucasian (European, Middle Easterner, Mediterranean) face is arguably the most pervasive “beautiful face image” in the media, and as such has been generally assumed to reflect ideal human beauty. * Percentage population having a simotic index in the range 55-62. It is somewhat artificial to put people into categories, since even people … Fig 1d.

The lateral view of the face is less critical for “recognition”, since it is generally in the frontal view that we perceive and interact with each other.

The model on the left is Susie from Abby Winters (adult site) and the one on the right is Trista from Matts models (adult site). Women and men book facial treatments for number of reasons and they are a great way to enjoy some relaxation and pampering in the company of friends or as part of a wedding preparation beauty package. Now, let us revisit the simotic index, i.e., the extent of flattening of the nasal bones in the sagittal plane (Fig 7b on page 2); this index was normally distributed in Hanihara’s study.