Simple rock formations, lines of trees or veins in a leaf are all easy to find and capture. When using pattern in your work, it is important to maximise its affect by thinking carefully about composition. Patterns are basically just repeated shapes, objects or colors either ordered in precise formations or just random designs scattered across a scene. New! When framed to highlight the pattern, it becomes intriguing. Recognizing the pattern is only the first step. For example, the field of red tulips in a Dutch field with just one yellow flower growing in the middle, or, a row of cars at factory storage facility with one color breaking the pattern. A tray of thirty eggs all uniform in color and size with just one egg that has been broken revealing the bright yellow yolk. While composition can be the way a photographer places themselves or their subject within a scene, it can also include utilizing additional visual elements that are present within your foreground or background. Sometimes you’ll find these broken patterns naturally appearing around you and on other occasions you might need to manipulate the situation a little and interrupt a pattern yourself. Browse your albums until you find a picture you want to use. Use them effectively in an image and you’ll create a photo that is dynamic and attracts the eye to the main subject or focal point. This happens while cropping out the distractions, focusing only on the pattern photography. Is the pattern more striking when viewed straight on? Passionate about photography, radio and video, he is a Radio CCFm producer and presenter in Cape Town. Host meetups. Often, however, patterns can emerge on a large scale and the best way to view them is from above, so if you can, get up high for a birds eye view and who knows what you'll find! Office blocks made up of rows of windows, rows o… You don't need any special equipment to maximise pattern within your work, just a well-trained eye and the ability to gain a vantage point to maximise the potential of the pattern. Three is often a favourite in both artwork and photography. Bokeh has also been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light". In fact, a large element of pattern photography is about breaking the repetition of an object. 'rmocx.RealPlayer G2 Control.1', Cars, and even people, can also lend themselves to pattern shots - particularly when arranged in rows or grouped together. This creative aspect to irregular patterns is far more difficult than shooting regular patterns, but it gives the photographer a lot more freedom to create from what they see. Apply to join our growing community of talented creators. Learning how to spot a pattern in a scene can serve as a composition tool for powerful visual images. But it will save you time in Photoshop later. Great post, I’ve always loved different photographs that include geometric pattens or shapes to create visual interest. The idea of repeating something can seem boring. Broken Pattern by Charles Knowles Leaf Pattern by katsrcool save 98% with the Ultimate Photography Bundle: 1,000+ Photo Overlays 1,000+ Lightroom Presets 1,000+ Photoshop Actions 100+ Print Templates and more!