It doesn't mean that products from different manufacturers cannot be used with products from a different manufacturer, it just means that chemists and formulators do in fact formulate products in a manner that makes them ideally suited for one another. Or their leather cleaner is meant to be used with their leather conditioner. Or go from panel to panel to apply and remove. As I have also seen car waxes "specially" formulated for white cars. ), You can apply and remove car wax in any pattern of your choosing. Maybe all these various products aren't labeled directly as the best car wax or black car wax, but imply or suggest that the wax is ideal for use on black cars or dark colored cars. Nano-emulsified for a tighter consistency with regards to the chemical engineering, Can be used on any surface other than actual porous cloth upholstery (this means it can be used on all interior hard surfaces including leather), Can be used on all exterior surfaces and is a non-staining formulation (will not stain black trim), Use to apply your choice of any black car wax, car wax in general, or the Q-7 products, When I am using the Q-7 Detailer and Q-7 Wax as a combo strategy, I use a separate applicator for each product, Ergonomically more friendly and effective than traditional flat, foam applicator pads. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. While virtually any other car paint color will be far more forgiving, (don't be mislead by the smaller size of this wax. Smaller Here I talk about my favorite waxes on the market... Sealants have come a long way in the last few years. Here is a pop quiz – what color was Batman’s first car?If you guessed black, that would be a hell no. Use as a stand alone quick detailer or as a pre-conditioner before using the Q-7 Spray Wax, Easily cleans away finger prints, smudges, dust, and dirt. I was first mesmerized by this specific spray wax for three (3) reasons in particular: I was blown away when I was first introduce to these two key points and have been a fan ever since. Orange County, CA. This BMW is an amazing example of black paint done right; and no, I didn't use. I am unlikely to be the only one constantly frustrated by this industry that continues to produce more and more products. Very little is needed to wax your car), Can be used in direct sunlight on hot paint, Can be used on any paint type: clear coat, lacquers, ceramic clears, etc. (despite the opinions of your well, but misinformed friends, or what the label says. likely have a garage shelf (or two, or three) full of car waxes that are aren't labeled directly as the best car wax or black car wax, but imply Darren Priest, Expert Mobile Car, Auto Fetish Detail on: function(evt, cb) { People will think you just spent the whole day detailing your car when it only took 15 minutes. Their paste wax is meant to be used with their quick detailer. I also love the scent. Car waxes and sealants will help to cover and conceal unwanted paint flaws while creating a better reflective surface. If in fact this black car wax from Zymol is labeled as a specially formulated black wax for black cars that don't have clear coat, then what good is it since virtually every car on the road made since the mid-eighties will have a clear coat? Darren's Tip: While either of these products can stand alone on their own merits, when used together, they really "shine" (pun intended of course!). is plenty of wax to wax your car many About 5 years ago I would have said to leave sealants to the professional detailers and just tell you to stick to wax. Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer. I have to come to the conclusion that this is yet another form of marketing hype. is A sacrificial layer. window.mc4wp.listeners.push(