Save the Date!  June 30, 2019 for our album release concert.  We are putting out our first vinyl recording…. very exciting.


Waterwitch is a musical duo: Elizabeth Hummel and Brian Castillo …. with occasional guest musicians.

Somewhere in the realm of neo-folk in style, we record with acoustic and electronic instruments plus found sounds, natural and made.  Some of the music is free-form, some is traditional sounding and some has electronic/acoustic beats & live percussion.  Usually a bit more lush than typical folk.

We have finished up the WATERWITCH PRESENTS Concert Series for our Steamboat Island Olympia Washington Neighborhood and, of course…..  THE WORLD AT LARGE!!!

Waterwitch Presents the Videos

I shot video, added it to quality audio, and posted the archives on our Youtube channel. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the first couple shows, but I am happy about what I was able to capture and edit. You can watch here.  I’ll be posting a few more videos soon.

WW Presents Concert Seriesl Poster